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Thursday, January 1st, 2015
2:55 pm - Complete List of Fic, Meta, Podfic, and Vids
The giant list of Fannish Stuff I've Made can now be found here, at my dreamwidth account.

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Thursday, June 16th, 2011
12:38 pm - this is an announcement to say there will be no more announcements
so, I should've mentioned this earlier, but I'm not posting to Livejournal anymore. 3w4dw really convinced me that I don't need to, and I kind of don't want to, and it's my journal, so - I won't. I haven't crossposted to LJ since the beginning of 3w4dw this year, and this will (probably?) be my last post there.

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
SO MANY KINK BINGO THINGS TO DO! Including beefing up the "Identity and Kink" section of the kink_wiki a little, and btw if any of you have cool links on eg being Indian and kinky or eg being trans and kink or eg being fat and kinky, please do go drop them over at [community profile] kink_bingo. Fandom-specific or character-specific posts are cool, so long as they could have some applicability for the public at large and aren't just posts about how Toph is awesome and should tell people what to do in bed.


look look lookCollapse )

Anyway, that's probably pretty exciting! I have "being excited" on my to-do list for later. BUT HEY GUYS MAYBE I'LL WRITE ENEMAS THIS YEAR! Except I'm not thrilled by either of its lines or by its postage stamps, hmmm. A whole line extra with enemas in? Also I have to pick a kink to vid, since so far I've made a vid every year for KB. Any suggestions? I'd vid "enemas," but I think we have all the available video in the enemas post at the kink wiki. I bet "service" would be fun to vid. Oooh, or vanilla kink, or object penetration maybe. HMMM.

Any and all prompts or suggestions welcome!

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Monday, April 25th, 2011
12:35 pm - 3w4dw!
Three Weeks for Dreamwidth 2011, April 25th - May 15th

Part One: Squee

Friends, it is [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw time again! As far as I'm concerned, that means PARTY AT DREAMWIDTH!, because I already spend all of my social networking time here anyway. But starting today, after this post, I will be posting all content to Dreamwidth only for the next three weeks (I'll prolly go back afterwards and crosspost, but for right now: it stays here).

Many cool things are already happening over at the 3w4dw comm: subscription fests, meets and greets, various fic and poetry fests, squee fests, and so on. Here are BUT TWO of the cool things happening atm:

[personal profile] kanata is hosting the Transfic Mini-Fest, Round Two

[personal profile] such_heights is hosting the Female Character Trope Fest, which I will optimistically call "round one." :)

Part Two: Tell Me What To Post!

I thought that, to celebrate, I would try to make a post every day containing COOL THINGS. But I need a little help . . . what sorts of cool things would yall like me to post? I think I'm going to try to do some fic, and I have a vid that's probably going to be done in time that I will post here too, but are there other things you'd like me to talk about? Feel free to leave any suggestions in comments so that I can take your good ideas for my own. Possible suggestions might include specific meta requests, episode/movie/show/book reviews of things I've seen/read or am likely to see/read, commentary on one of my own stories/vids/podfics, commentary on someone else's stories/vids/podfics, photos you'd like me to take and post here, talk about Wii games that I play, and, I don't know, other stuff too. Whatever you like! Any ideas? Burning desires? Anyone?

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
11:54 am
I'm, um, kind of devastated by the news of Elisabeth Sladen passing away. I loved her so much, you guys, for so many years.

It's funny, because I was rewatching my Sarah Jane vid yesterday, just before I heard the news. I don't think I'm going to be able to bear to watch it again for a little while.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
12:04 pm - Kink Bingo Needs You
Does anyone want to chip in with Kink Bingo prep? Because we got started kiiiinda late this year, and could use some help. Some things we need, or are hoping to figure out before this round starts:

1) Someone to volunteer to create (and mod) a Kink Bingo chatter-type community. detailsCollapse )

2) Someone to make a kink bingo posting template javascript page.
seriously we know nothing about javascriptCollapse )

3) Someone to make a card-passing-out website, with various options for type of card.
detailsCollapse )

4) Some other eyes to look over asexual-friendly kink lists. detailsCollapse )

5) Someone(s) who are willing to test our kink bingo cards, which theoretically are screen-reader friendly, zap friendly, and multi-platform friendly, but . . . we don't know for sure. detailsCollapse ) Email, PM, or comment here if you've done this and can let us know what your results are.

6) Someone to make us a Venn diagram. detailsCollapse )

And if you have other things you'd like to do for KB before the round starts, please feel free to suggest it and/or volunteer. If there's a resource you've been missing, please mention it; mentioning it does not in any way equal volunteering to do it, of course. :)

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Sunday, April 17th, 2011
10:43 am - New Fic: Blooming, Lovely [Sarah Jane Adventures]
Dudes, I made fanfiction happen! It has been a LONG TIME since I made fanfiction happen. I'm sort of stunned and proud, even if it's just a little thing.

fandom: The Sarah Jane Adventures
characters: Rani, Clyde
rating: very G
content notes: no standard notes apply.
words: 2000 you guys!
notes: apologies for any North Americanisms; I didn't have time to get it Britpicked before the deadline. Feel free to point them out, though, if you find them.
summary: just a little piece of Rani and Clyde sweetness, for the Family challenge at [community profile] queerlygen.

Blooming, LovelyCollapse )

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Saturday, April 16th, 2011
11:52 pm - KB crosspostiness
Hey hey everyone, I just want to draw your attention to the fact that [community profile] kink_bingo is currently soliciting the opinions of those that like [community profile] kink_bingo. We're considering a major change to the format, and also we're looking for folks to produce cool kink-related content to post to the comm during the two-week leadup to the summer round. So if you want to give us your opinion on changes or if you want to volunteer to provide cool content (like meta, curated collections of kinky stuff, special fan-creations, etc) check it out.

One thing I secretly long for, that I wouldn't ask for as a mod but that I will wist about wistfully in my personal journal, is some fanworks that do meta about kink in general or about kink bingo in particular. I can't quite imagine what they'd look like yet, but I know they'd be cool. One day perhaps I will make the vid that uses fannish video source to tell the history of kink bingo.


COMPLETELY UNRELATED: I'm ttly excited right now about [personal profile] such_heights' Lady-Centric Trope Fest (note: that is not the actual title of the fest), which looks like it's going to be a squeeload of fun oh gosh.

ALSO UNRELATED: I'm ttly excited right now about [personal profile] monanotlisa's Fringe Kinkmeme, which needs some prompts ATM and ideally also needs some fills for those prompts! I've just about caught up on Fringe (I haven't seen the latest 3x19 episode, but everything up till there) and I can't wait to see what kind of cool stuff might come out of this. If ever a fandom needed a kinkmeme!

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Friday, April 15th, 2011
10:48 am - some things that make a post
I really admire people like [personal profile] cofax7 and [profile] jooj and, you know, many other folks who are good at linkspam. I love linkspam! But I am terrible at it. Nonetheless, I want to do it more, so let me practice:

This post from [personal profile] rydra_wong is a great example of the kind of food thinking I really admire and aspire to do; the Fat Nutritionist piece she links to also lays out this philosophy very well. And there are some good comments. People are different from each other! Eating can be a thing you do to make yourself feel good! What! This philosophy is currently making a difference in my life, when I take the time to self-inventory and do what my body wants (rather than, for example, right now, sitting at the computer typing a post even though I'm kind of hungry and want a banana orange smoothie with yogurt and whey protein. I promise I'll get up and make it in a minute, body.)

Relatedly, I've been digging on the #thingsfatpeoplearetold Twitter hashtag (it's tweets of things fat people are told, so, you know, if you don't want to encounter examples of fat-shaming and body-policing and such atm, best to avoid). Here's one collection of the tweets that came out during the first 24 hours.

[rape + rape culture stuff] I like a lot a lot a lot of things about Shakesville, but man, sometimes they piss me off. This post pisses me off in both its classic Shakesville-style defensiveness (wtf is that bit about "BTW THERE IS NO WAY FOR THIS LAW TO BE A BAD THING SO DON'T SAY SO") and in its . . . I don't know. Willingness to punish. Or something. I find this very hard to explain, because we DO need more laws to protect people from rape and assault, people in power DO often get off scot-free, there ARE plenty of heinous examples we can point to that make laws like this plausible. But, I just. Maybe this post that I made ages ago (about paedophilia and Roman Polanski) would explain it better. I guess the best way to explain it is to say that I think that depictions of rapists as depraved monsters who have nothing to do with humanity, who can neither be created or destroyed, who come from nowhere and are forever rapists and aren't fathers, uncles, old friends of the family . . . is just as much a part of rape culture as anything else that's a part of rape culture.

Okay, maybe now something less problematic and depressing.

Lately I have seen many good vids, thanks to VidUKon! Some of the good vids I have seen include Angie by [personal profile] chaila (TSCC Jesse/Riley + BSG Boomer/Caprica); Fascination by [personal profile] charmax (Billy Elliot omg); Dreaming by [personal profile] calapine (DW, Tegan/Nyssa); Machine by cosmic_llin (ST: VOY, Seven of goddamn Nine); I Want What I Want by [personal profile] dualbunny (Bionic Woman, Jaimie/Sarah); 150 Times by [personal profile] isagel (Whitechapel, that guy from Whitechapel); Blue Caravan by (DW, Amy/Rory/Eleven); Spit the Devil by kiki_miserychic (V, Erika/Anna holy shit); Palindromes by [profile] lensflair_inc (Fringe, Olivia/Alvarez Charlie) and MANY MORE. I still have so many to watch, too.

Other vids I've been digging lately, not via VidUKon but just via general cruising about: Movin' Right Along by odessie (DW, everybody); Tonight I'm Fucking You by [personal profile] talitha78 (White Collar, Peter/Neal); Sex and Reruns by [personal profile] greensilver (Community, everybody); Oz Death Montage by [personal profile] chagrined (Oz, everybody); Deep by [personal profile] rhoboat (Farscape, John/Scorpius); When Life Gives Me Lemons by [personal profile] bop_radar (Community, everybody); We Couldn't Stand Being Normal by baritoneslur (Community, Troy/Abed, watch out that's a youtube link); and MANY MORE.

Anyway, I could do a whole post on any one of those vids, and they all deserve proper recs, but since I don't think I'm going to be able to sit down and write them all up proper recs, well . . . better to linkspam them at you than to not mention them at all!

This concludes my linkspam experiment. It is now my intention to play video games for several hours. And make that smoothie.

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
1:01 pm - I . . . really liked something that Seth Rogen did?
Friends, I just watched The Green Hornet, and I have to say that I really really liked it! Even though it had to make about six sexual harassment jokes that I did not like! I have always considered Seth Rogen to be kind of a douche, but the great thing about this movie is that he is a TOTAL douche and I'm meant to think so and laugh at him and make googly-eyes at Kato and so I feel vindicated and satisfied.

not-very-spoilery thoughtsCollapse )

I would now like to be directed to the slash, please. Especially if Lenore masterminds what Kato and Britt do in bed.

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Sunday, April 10th, 2011
3:10 pm - New Vid: Inadvisable Interpersonal Relationship [The Sarah Jane Adventures]
This weekend is VidUKon, which I could sadly not attend, but my buddy [personal profile] such_heights was running a ROBOTS vidshow and I happened to be making a ROBOTS vid, so I gave her my vid to premiere at her vidshow. Now that it's premiered, I get to post it here for the world to download!

title: Inadvisable Interpersonal Relationship
fandom/characters: Sarah Jane Adventures; K-9/Mr Smith
specs: 1m30s; 17.6MB; divx avi
content notes: no standard notes apply. it's just basically robots having adorable hatesex.
music: I sort of don't want to spoil you for the song, but if you want the lyrics, they can be found here - the ones used in the vid are the last four stanzas.

download from mediafire

If this link doesn't work, or you can't use mediafire, just let me know and I'll be happy to reupload it/upload to a different site.

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
8:57 pm - I now find it hard to make a post that ISN'T an ordered list
1) A suggestion: yall might want to check out this month's [community profile] kink_bingo mini-challenge. It involves something we have just invented called Kink Bingo Gift Baskets, and it is supercool if I do say so myself.

2) Speaking of awesome challenges, I hope many people check out [community profile] remix_goes_wild, because I think it's a really great idea and likely to produce some great fic. I don't thiiiiiiink I'm going to write for it myself, but I have put my fic up, so if you've ever wanted to fix remix that one story of mine . . . well, you've always had permission to do that, but anyway, here's a structured challenge to encourage you.

3) Speaking of speaking of awesome challenges, it's also a good time to notice that queer_fest has opened up prompt claiming! Go now to claim your cool prompts! This is similarly so exciting.

4) Speaking of - well, also in the "awesome challenges" category, the other day in the comments to what is incidentally a really lovely White Collar OT3 fic one person wondered how Satchmo and Diefenbaker would get on, and this of course immediately made me think, hey, we need a panfandom challenge FOR THE DOGS. All dogs all the time! Satchmo and Diefenbaker and K9 and Backup and Queequeg and Rowdy and Porthos and Vincent and Janeway's dog and various other dogs as well! I hear that there's a lot of fic starring Jared Padalecki's dog? Though it's rumoured to be mostly fic where said dog fucks Jensen Ackles? And when I say "rumoured" I really mean "[personal profile] eruthros just told me that"? Anyway I'm not clear. ANYWAY, panfandom dog fest. AND I SUPPOSE we could expand it to "companion animals" and "pets" so as to let in your cats and your ferrets and your horses and your hamsters and your dragons and whatnot. To help you think about completely adorable fic about fictional dogs, I provide you with this List of Fictional Dogs. Shit I love wikipedia.

4) Unrelated in any way to awesome fandom challenges, except, perhaps we should have a crossover challenge to celebrate? But ok, I have watched now perhaps eighteen episodes of Fringe (skipping a bunch of the first season, up to 2x11) and I have no choice now but to notice that J.J. Abrams is a HUGE FREAKING OZ FAN. Like, seriously. Undoubtedly fans of J.J. Abrams' shows have noticed this before, but I am now lolzing at it all the time. On Lost (of which I only watched the first three seasons) it was like - oh, look, Augustus Hill is hanging out with Simon Adebisi and Governor Devlin! And now watching Fringe, it's basically Name That Oz Actor. I consistently call Charlie Francis "Alvarez," and then also there's Desmond Mobay aka John Basil, and then I watch this one episode that stars BOTH Timmy Kirk and Cyril O'Reilly. Seriously. And according to imdb, there are more: Lost/Oz and Fringe/Oz. Wow, that's a long list.

So basically, to sum up, this has been a post mostly about fannish challenges and partly about hilarious casting that could be a fannish challenge if we so desired. I hope you have enjoyed your time with me today.

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Friday, April 1st, 2011
6:50 pm - fatshion!
I have this love/hate relationship with clothes - I hate trying to find cute or nice or handsome or pretty things in my size, and I love buying them when I find them. Today I am shopping around! And since I know that some of you buy plus sized clothing, I thought I'd share some links I found for new places to shop. I've shopped for plus sized clothes all over in the past - Old "shop online but not in the store, fatties, we want your money but we don't want to look at you" Navy, Land's "have all the plus sized clothing you could ever want, in the frumpiest cuts available!" End, iGigi (gorgeous, beautifully designed, well fitting clothing that looks great on me and that I can't afford at all),,, other places as well. I just haunt the clearance areas, and sometimes go hunting for particular stuff. I recently got a catalogue from a company called "Woman Within," and the name of the company (it's for the beautiful woman within! because the woman without is so gross and fat!) combined with their use of size 8 models (I HATE that in plus sized-only clothing stores, hate it with a passion) made me dedicate myself to not buy their stuff.

Anyway, I'm always looking for cool new places to shop, and found a couple today. My goal is to one day find a place that uses organic/sustainable materials, pays its employees a living wage, uses for-reals fat models, is priced affordably, and caters to a variety of styles (including adorable ones, cute ones, gorgeous ones, handsome ones, professional ones, and ttly hot ones). hahahaha. Anyway, in the meantime, here are some links:

1) Did you know that ModCloth, who do cool vintage styles from independent designers, often have a fair selection of cool stuff in plus sizes? Because it varies from designer to designer, the definition of "plus size" is dubious, but most of the stuff on this page would fit me, and I run around US size 18-20. If you're fat and totally want to dress like Joan from Mad Men (or Betty from Mad Men, for that matter), this is highly recommended. A lot of stuff is always out of stock, so you sort of have to stalk (homonym!) the page, but it's well worth it. Also if you're shopping for a hot bathing suit for the summer - there are TONS of gorgeous plus-sized ones here. And I really hope that someone super fabulous scores this dress, which is currently only available in a 3x (US 22-ish), which is a bit too big for me and also not my colour.

2) There's also debshops, which I've recently discovered, which has some good deals on - especially if you are in the market for a plus-sized taffeta prom dress. Seriously there are a lot of pretty ballgowns! But also miniskirts, regular skirts, going-out dresses, t-shirts, jeans, etc. The prices are pretty reasonable as such things go. The labour I don't know about - but I tend to assume that if they don't advertise themselves as fair trade/living wage people, they're not, so. Still, a nice place to watch the sale rack for good stuff.

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Thursday, March 31st, 2011
8:51 pm
Today I was bored during office hours and [personal profile] yhlee was kind enough to give me letters in order to play this meme. Here is how it works:
1. COMMENT WITH A MYSTERIOUS COMMENT OF YOUR CHOICE (well, it doesn't have to be mysterious. You can just say, "gimme a goddamn letter" or similar.)
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

So I did that.

First, characters! five(ish) characters I will talk about whose names begin with RCollapse )

five(ish) songs I will share with you whose titles begin with ECollapse )

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
10:38 pm - FYI YOU GUYS
FYI YOU GUYS [personal profile] eruthros just made this supercool post of secrets by fannish characters, and it is so much fun. Basically, the idea is that various fannish characters have made postsecret or fandomsecrets style secrets, and we get to guess who made what secret. IT IS SO MUCH FUN! I wish it would become a meme so that I could play this game all the time.

Anyway go over there and play, it is an excellent time.

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Friday, March 25th, 2011
10:02 am - I spewed several thoughts into a text box and then posted them
But I have put these thoughts into an ordered list so as to give the impression that I have put some thought into organizing them.

1) argh, I was all excited about [personal profile] china_shop's Fannish Appreciation Challenge, and then I forgot to play for two days. THIS IS WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

2) Speaking of nice things, I wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments over on the anon love meme - they really brightened up my day. I love you all too! I know I've been a bit absent lately; I've been having trouble connecting and staying connected with people. But I'm doing my best, and things like that help remind me where my friends are and where my community is. <3

3) Lately I've been spending most of my time working on a new vid . . . a big one, a major project I've been poking at for well over a year, one of those Ambitious And Important type vids that's easy to neglect when you're feeling low-energy. But I've got momentum on it now, a good chunk of it in the timeline and looking good, and I'm excited to post it before too much longer. But I'm also concerned, because it's one of those strange twings projects that uses the lulz (or the pornz) to make a political point, and the point is really important to me, and anyway this, trying to strike this balance, hoping to be understood, is making me anxious. But I am nonetheless feeling pretty good about it, and hopeful about success.

4) There's also the thing where this vid I'm making includes scenes that I don't like looking at. Ugh. Critique can be fun, but right now at this stage of the vid it's not so fun. After this vid I'm going to have to make some frivolous Mythbusters vid about hugs and robots. Or a frivolous Sarah Jane Adventures vid about . . . hugs and robots. Wow, my interests are sometimes surprisingly narrow.

5) Speaking of this vid, I may be in the market for a beta or two before long. I have my usual peeps, but many of my usual peeps already know a lot about this vid, and I want some virgin eyes.

6) NO LONGER TALKING ABOUT VIDDING. [personal profile] eruthros and I have been rewatching Star Trek: Voyager (we're now in season four! SEVEN OF NINE HELLOOOOO!) and I constantly want to write these bizarre little gen snippets for it. Like, the show reveals that Chakotay is vegetarian, and I am like, "where is the story where Chakotay and Tuvok exchange vegetarian recipes and cook for each other and have camaraderie!" Yesterday I was longing for the story where Tuvok and Seven get stoned together (IMAGINE IT. I'LL WAIT.) And the one where Janeway does non-sexual (but of course super hot) Borg Queen roleplay with Seven, to make Seven feel comfortable and help her acclimate (it's already sort of canon). And the ones where Harry and B'Elanna are just BFFs 4evs, which they clearly are, because seriously those two are amazing in all scenes they have together (this is also why they are two thirds of a great OT3 with Paris, but we're talking gen right now). Anyway, I can't imagine there's a large market for schmoopy gen fic about a long-dead scifi tv show, but I might have to write some anyway. We'll see. Writing is hard. But otoh, vegetarian recipe exchange fic!

7) I think my thing about Voyager is that it's so founded in a sense of family and love and camaraderie . . . you have that on DS9 to some extent (the other day, I realised that Janeway is to Tuvok as Sisko is to Dax, and I was pleased) but there are so many little ways in which the Voyager crew is different from other Star Trek crews, and of course they are - they're isolated, and only have each other, and protocol gets lost now and then because they need one another. So sometimes Chakotay says Kathryn rather than Captain, and it's okay. It's so beautifully and subtly done. I was always sad that they didn't do more with this sort of thing - folks having kids, setting up a school, recreational group activities, the Voyager Symphony Orchestra, people making tv shows or becoming full-time poets or busking in the corridors or painting murals and graffiti in the turbolifts or building canoes or inventing robot dogs or going on shuttle rides for funzies - being a community, in short - but they did do a lot more than I remembered. There is talent night, and Good Morning Voyager, and the Doctor's holophotography slideshows, and music lessons, and all. I don't suppose any of you have some good Voyager recs lying around, do you? I'm kind of craving this sort of worldbuilding gen fic, but I'll also happily read most pairings.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
9:48 am - the internets! *hugs*
Whew, finally the internets are back on! A nice dude came to the house yesterday and fixed it ("it had been disconnected at the base," he said, which seems like a problem that could've been fixed last thursday when it first went out) and now I get to roll around in email and rlists and things.

One of the things I am doing in celebration is I am joining in [personal profile] china_shop's Fandom Appreciation Challenge! There's a new challenge every day for a week, and you try to do them all. You have till 1pm PST today to get full points for today's challenge. For the curious, the stories I feedbacked for today's challenge were:

Exorcism, by mustinvestigate (Watchmen, Dan/Rorschach): Dan fantasizes about forcing Rorschach into sex, among other things. Packed full of kink, including a noncon fantasy. Super hot.

The High School After High School, by neigedens (Community, Troy/Abed): Really lovely story in which Troy is kidnapped and Abed has to get his Sherlock Holmes on to find him. Really great ensemble voices - Annie is fabulous in this, and so is Jeff, everyone just sounds like themselves - and a KILLER understated heartmelting romance narrative. It's like an episode of Community, really, except that Troy and Abed actually make out in it.

Once Around the Wheel by Amy Wolf (Doctor Who, Martha/Ace): Set during the year that never was (between The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords). Martha and Ace find each other, and help each other get by. Isn't that a genius premise?

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Sunday, March 20th, 2011
2:03 am - notice
ugh, mine and [personal profile] eruthros's internets are down. thus I am out of contact! right now I am using [personal profile] livrelibre's email, but I assume she'll want us to go home eventually. anyway I am sorry I am not seeing very much internets or emails atm. so in addition to the "out of contact - depressed" situation, there is now this "out of contact - internets broken until monday" label. so I'll prolly be out of contact.

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
9:49 am - this is a post about vidding!
so, I'm a vidder, right? but the funny thing is, I've never ever thought of myself as a visually or spatially oriented person. I get lost in extremely familiar buildings. I have no sense of direction. I don't remember visual information well over long periods of time. I have trouble seeing visual jokes on tv and such, sometimes. This is a problem for me as a vidder! HOWEVER, I am a very - auditory? aural? person. I used to have a literally perfect memory for things I'd heard, especially dialogue or conversation, but also music - wording, intonation, tone, melody, volume, pauses, the whole deal. Now that I'm not a teenager anymore, my memory for that stuff isn't perfect, but it's still really good.

I tell you this because today I'm thinking about different modes of approaching vidding. I think I approach vidding with my ears; I hear all the different strands in the song - bass, melody, lyrics, percussion, whatever - and I construct the visual information so that it aligns with/complements all of them, if I can, and switches focus between and among them. I get frustrated sometimes with vids that use their lyrics but not their beat, or their guitar but not their piano, or whatever. I didn't realise this before, but when I'm vidding, I'm translating a song into something visual. All my best ideas for bits of vids inevitably come from the music - I hear a "dum-de-DAH!" on the drums and it brings to mind a potential visual image that would be powerful at that point in the vid.

But I think it would be interesting/helpful for me to think of vidding more in terms of space; [personal profile] lim once told me, explaining After Effects, that I should conceptualize it in three (or, really, four, but let's say three for convenience) dimensions, as if I am looking down on the image and building layers up towards myself. I still haven't grasped how to do that, but it's a useful metaphor for me as I learn. And recently when [personal profile] eruthros was making a knitting pattern, I found an interesting correspondence between knitting and vidding; when I asked her why the pattern was squished (a rectangle, when the finished product was meant to be a square) she told me that knit stitches are wider than they are tall - so to make a square, you knit 42 stitches across and 60 stitches high. I stared at the rectangular pattern, which to me was in the wrong aspect ratio, and I said, "oh - so a knit stitch is a rectangular pixel!" Knitting makes so much more sense to me now, actually, as a set of constructed pixels that make up a three-dimensional image (like lim's three-dimensional After Effects palette).

Thinking of the footage as three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional, even just working in Final Cut, has helped me to work more naturally and easily with effects, even simple ones like crossfades (I am so linear when it comes to visual information that layering the image is something I have to work at, even though the layering of the music is easy to hear and respond to). The music sounds three dimensional to me, but the images feel two-dimensional unless I force myself to think differently and see more. Of course, vidding as a medium was for a long time very linear and two-dimensional; digital video editing is changing that, but our history undoubtedly still has weight and momentum.

That was a ramble about how I conceptualize vidding, brought to you by the Very Ambitious Vidding Project that I am finally working on again, and that I am about to begin outlining/timelining. In conclusion, metaphors are useful, dimensions are weird, and my eyes are getting better but still haven't caught up to my ears. How are you today?

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Sunday, March 6th, 2011
8:30 pm - yay Voyager! (boo gender essentialism)
right now [personal profile] eruthros and I are doing a Voyager rewatch! As you may have heard. Which is to say that I am making her watch them and she is tolerating it kindly. How great was this show? Except for all the horrible Star Trekish gender essentialism and heterosexist imagining of the future, among other issues? PRETTY DARN GREAT. Just now we had this exchange while watching an episode:

eruthros (staring at the screen): Neelix . . . and Tom Paris . . .
me: . . . are coparenting a dinosaur.
eruthros: That is what is happening right now, yes.

Also we have decided that Janeway/Chakotay/Tuvok is a ttly hot OT3. At first I was dubious (not understanding the Chakotay/Tuvok component) but now I am convinced, because Chakotay and Tuvok sort of don't like each other but play this game where they try to out-respectful professional each other all the time? It's great. Man I love Vulcans up in my ships! Then you get SUPER HOT MOMENTS OF SOMEONE NOT TOUCHING SOMEONE ELSE, like this one, when Tuvok thinks he might be about to die:

under the cutCollapse )

Wow, Tuvok. Seriously.

Other important ships for this show: Janeway/B'Elanna, Janeway/Seven (though we're not there yet), B'Elanna/Harry/Tom, Harry/Tom, and Doctor/almost anyone. The Doctor is so CRANKY and I love him so much that he can be shipped with anyone. I hardcored shipped Doctor/Seven back in the day.

When I was a teenager I used to hang out with these boyfans who told me it was dumb to like Voyager and awesome to like DS9, and I liked DS9 but I liked Voyager better and it was a SECRET SHAME but now I realise that those dudes were haters and should proceed towards the left. JANEWAY 4EVS

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